NEW! 8 Bit Space Alien Folk Toy Launches!

New Interstellar Starfighter Colors for the Eighties!

New Interstellar Star Fighter Colors for the Eighties!

Pump Trolley Atelier Repels Space Alien Invasion of Santa Fe New Mexico


New Pump Trolley Toy Launches at 2013 AHA! Festival of Progressive Arts 

Art Toy Studio Encourages Children to Unplug, Make and Play!

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Thirty-five years ago this summer, an arcade game called “Space Invaders” was introduced to the world by a Japanese company called Taito (later adapted for eight bit home game by Atari). Or so the story goes. This indeed was the beginning of a real and lasting invasion – of the cultural and psychic space of an entire generation. (The founder of Santa Fe Fe-based PumpTrolley Atelier, Matthew Ellis, not withstanding).

Unnamed sources have informed PumpTrolley that the introduction of arcade style video games, beginning with these first eight bit animated aliens and evolving with all other subsequent electronic creatures, characters and figures that populate the electronic gaming world, was not so much an accident of technological innovation, but a well-designed thoroughly planned scheme on the part of Space Aliens to invade, conquer, and replicate their species within our own human minds, and cultural space.

These beings, beginning in the tween years of most first world more or less middle class Gen Xrs, have in one short generation, have not only thoroughly colonized Planet Earth, they have, through their cunning co-evolutionary patterning, ensured their indefinite survival and assisted replication by making their hosts, (the most susceptible) human children, highly dependent on them for entertainment and companionship. The damage to first world children’s health is evidently clear. Lethargy, sedentariness, passivity, obesity, lack of imagination, dissolution of applied creativity and loss of overall general handiness, are just a few examples of dire conditions ensuing from these electronic Space Aliens’ take over of the contemporary children’s minds and motivation.

As one small remedy in this unfortunate course, Pump Trolley will be offering kids who attend the 2013 AHA! Festival of Progressive Arts to become empowered, reveres the spell of passivity, and make his or her own non-electronic completely analog human powered (centuries old) game in which he or she can repeatedly send an Eight Bit Graphic Santa Fe Style Rustic Alien back into space where it belongs. Basically. Kids can make a traditional folk toy updated for their inculcated aesthetic sensibilities, yet rooted in traditional New Mexican craft.

(The toy is made from 100% recycled wood, gleaned from discarded crates from Canyon Road galleries and decorated with non-toxic (gluten free) paints.

New Mexico, steeped in rich cultural lore about space alien invasion (well at least since the 1940’s), has been deemed by PumpTrolley’s board of esteemed cultural advisers as the perfect locus from which to launch this defensive strategy.

As part of an on-going exploration of paternity and the encroaching middle age years of Gen X, Ellis was inspired to redesign and adapt a traditional timeless folk toy for the contemporary tastes and aesthetics of today’s discriminating folk art consumer. The project was inspired by Ellis’s own life long experience straddling a professional line between embracing contemporary digital technology, and maintaining a passionate interest in the preservation of traditional crafts and material culture. Recently Ellis told his eight year old son, that he could not play a video game, till he actually learned how to make one. So they did, building a “Pong” from the circuit board up. Ellis was also inspired in part by reading What the Dormouse Said: How the Sixties Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer Industry by John Markoff. Ellis believes that Gen X holds a particularly unique place in the assimilation of computer culture into human society. Whereas Baby Boomers were, in small esoteric pockets, the innovators, and Millenials and Gen Z have been immersed in digital technology from their cradles, most Gen Xrs did not become exposed to arcade games until junior high, or fully engaged actively with computing on a regular basis till the very end of high school, if not early college, making Gen X, quite possibly, the last generation to have had a “normal” unplugged childhood.

This project attempts to remind us that there is still something else to do when the power goes out.

No electricity will be needed to complete this project. No high fructose corn syrup based snacks will be served as a compliment to playing.

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You don't need no stinkin' couch to fight space aliens!

You don’t need no stinkin’ couch to fight space aliens!

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AHA! Festival of Progressive Arts 
Sunday, September 15th ALL DAY.
Santa Fe Railyard Plaza

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